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Domain Transfer Process

Do you want to transfer your domain? If yes, then ANZ WebHosts can help you with that. Our team can guide you very well and can help you change the domain name while keeping the rest of the website as it is. Registration of new domain name can be done with ANZ by providing secure and fast services. If you want to transfer your domain ownership, ANZ WebHosts is the best company for domain transfer in Pakistan. We offer domain transfer services to our clients. In domain transfer process, your domain is moved from one registrar to another. Nothing happens to the domain name as it keeps on working as it is but after transfer it belongs to another person.

Domain Transfer Process Time may take up to seven days to complete. This process continues after you agree and fulfill the relevant conditions associated with the transferring process. In most of the cases, each domain transfer automatically renews for one year from the current expiry date. In order to complete a domain transfer process successfully, you need to consider the following important aspects. 

You must be the owner of the domain name

As you are the owner of the domain name so you need to get the authorization code from existing domain registrar. Give this code to us so that we can start domain transfer process. In order to complete this transfer process, we require approval from the domain’s administrative contact. Your mentioned email address must be valid because the request is sent to you email. If email address is invalid, your transfer may be denied.

Domain lock must be disabled prior to the submission for transfer

Domain lock must be disabled before you submit your request for transfer. You can make sure if it has been disabled or not by going to your current registrar and finding out whether it has been disabled or not.

Expired Domain cannot be transferred

Expired domain names go to redemption period for 30 days or more and cannot be transferred.

One year auto renewal is a must

In most of the cases, each domain transferred will be automatically renewed for another 1 year from the current expiry date.

Authorization Code must be valid.

A domain cannot be transferred within 60 days of registry

Transfer within first 60 days will be automatically declined. However initiating a transfer will cause you to be charged through us.