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Linux VPS Server in Pakistan

ANZ is the best platform to buy Linux VPS server in Pakistan as we provide the server with the latest technology and high-speed system. VPS stands for Virtual Private servers primarily act as dedicated servers based on virtualization technology and provides you total control over the Virtual Server. Our Linux VPS servers have a pre installed database in it to manage your data, and you can install and run the software of your choice in the system using VPS server. ANZ web hosts provide latest and customizable VPS servers with great speed and high-class performance and vast memory space in it. The facility of cPanel is available with all the access of features to customize data and use the system as a dedicated server. Our VPS server plans include the full root access to High-Performance Hardware with all the control to customize anything you want.

Reliable Source For VPS Servers

We at ANZ will provide you the cheap VPS hosting in Pakistan with a fast working processor, RAM and the systems free of any virus and threats. If you choose ANZ to buy VPS in Pakistan, then you will get the features like:

  • Free Re-Installation
  • Full Root Access
  • High-Performance Hardware
  • Free cPanel/WHM license
  • 99% server uptime

Customized Installation

We will provide you OpenVZ and KVM environment with 100Mbps premium network to enjoy your task in the fast working environment. Are you looking for the cheap VPS hosting in Pakistan? Then you are on the right platform to choose the quick and latest technology VPS servers to perform your task more efficiently and quickly. Different packages for the VPS hosting in Pakistan are available at ANZ to provide you multiple options in selecting the best package according to your work.
Silver– this package includes 1 Core CPU with 1GB Ram and up to 25 GB storage space, and you can add anything you want on demand. Gold– this package includes 2 Core CPU with 2GB Ram and up to 50 GB storage space, and you can add anything you want upon request. Diamond– this is the best package we provide to our clients that include 3 GB Ram with 300 Gb Bandwidth and full customization.