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Why do I Need SSL?

Ask from yourself would you feel comfortable to enter your sensitive information at any website if that is not secured? The answer will be big NO!!! But if SSL is installed on website, you will feel comfortable that your sensitive data like personal information & credit card information will be secured with 256 bit encryption. There are different types of SSL and each have its own characteristics, some designed especially for security of e-commerce websites and some for just to secure emails. Note: All packages are governed by Terms & Conditions and subject to ANZ WebHosts Hosting Policy.

SSL Certificate Anz Web Hosts

Are you sure that your data is secure after buying the best hosting and registering a unique domain name at your name? You will be in a confused situation after this question, but you will not need to worry more because ANZ Web Hosts Offering Cheap SSL certificates for the confirmation of security of client’s data on the website. We will guide you properly that what SSL is and what is the importance of it!

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL is Secure Socket Layer certificate that makes sure the safe transaction between a web server and the browser. With this security layer on your website, no one with the fake identity can enter to your secure connection and hack it. Most of the apps like WhatsApp also used the security layer to make sure the end-to-end encryption to secure the data of customers.

How to Purchase SSL Certificate

It does not matter that which kind of website you are running, that can be an informational blog or a selling site to sell the products online, you would need to provide your complete customer security regarding his/her personal data. For this, you should purchase SSL certificates, and ANZ Web Hosts will provide you cheap SSL certificates for your website with 256-bit encryption. You can trust us as our rates are very low then the other SSL certificate providers, but we do not compromise on the quality of the product. You can purchase SSL certificates from us and we will not let you down and will give you best product: 

Fast issuance service

You can get your SSL certificate within 5 minutes of your order. We will not let you wait for a long time for issuance of SSL.

Money back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the service, you can give it back with 100% money refund guarantee, unlike other SSL certificate providers.

Better quality in cheap rates

Unlike other SSL certificate providers, our price is quite affordable with the best service for the customers, you can trust us.

256-bit encryption

All the data of the customer on the website like personal information and information related to banking will be entirely secured with 256-bit encryption. You can check our different plans for cheap SSL certificates and can buy which is most suitable for you as per your hosting. The issuance time is just less the 5 minutes when you order it, but if you are using the business hosting, then you might have to wait for 2—4 days for the issuance of SSL certificate. Another unusual factor is that unlike other SSL certificate providers if you purchase SSL certificate from ANZ then you can save up to $65 per year.

Security - The First Priority

Security of the personal data and information always remains the priority of the customers, and you can make your client feeling more secured by purchasing SSL certificate from ANZ Web Hosts at affordable rates. When the customer feels secure, he/she can easily share the personal information with you