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Value Added Services

Value added services put a domain name to work. These services could be of great help in everything from website hosting to email as well as the protection of identity. ANZ WebHosts offer the greatest variety of value added services in Pakistan. These services are fully integrated into ANZ’s hosting system. Once you are completely done with your website set-up to sell domain names, it’s a small step to go with the offered services. The Value Added Services that ANZ Web Hosting can offer you, being a customer, are given below:

Domain Locking Services

ANZ’s domain lock service prevents unauthorized transfer or hijacking of your domain names. In this way, it helps in the prevention of fraud registry for your domain. While the domain locking service is engaged, any domains will be locked by the system automatically. After registration, this process can take place within 24 hours. Domain locking service also helps you unlock any domain if you want to.

Domain ID Shield Services

ANZ’s domain ID Shield Services is available for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .mobi, .info, .in only. You may apply for this service for registered, renewed or transferred domains. This domain ID shield or protector satisfies registry requirements without exposing your personal or contact information. You, being a customer, can be contacted by land mail or email by the WHOIS Privacy Protection Service. If you want to change your domain’s original WHOIS information, then you should pause your ID shield service on the desired domain. To use this service of ANZ, your domain name must be registered with us. You can get detailed information about Domain ID Shield Service by contacting us by sending an email.

Domain Auto Renewal Services

ANZ provides you with a service and system of setting your domain at auto renewal. You can set your domain at auto renewal in our system. After you are done with this set-up, your domains will auto-renew by default. In this way, you can help prevent your domain from accidentally expiring due to human error.

Our system starts renewal process within 10 days of domain name’s expiry date. For Example, if your domain name’s expiry date is 30/04/2017, our system, will start the renewal process on 20/04/2017 and stop this process at the end of the expiry date. So in this way, you have ten days of grace period before your domain name gets expired for the funding of your account as well as the completion of your domain’s auto-renewal process.

Easy Management Services

We, at ANZ, provide our customers with Easy Management Services. Through this service, your domain control panel is designed to work on with ease. This allows for the management of all the aspects of your domain. Our team provides our customers with complete guidance. We give detailed information and process of availing our services to our customers. So, if you want to get acknowledged about any of our services, you can contact us through email and we will definitely respond you back with complete and relevant information.